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Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, managed by Cleveland Clinic, serves as the flagship institution for SEHA's healthcare system. It is governed by its commitment to practice modern medicine to the same high standards as the best medical facilities in the world. SKMC’s comprehensive health care services cater to the needs and priorities of the Abu Dhabi community, ensuring not only optimal levels of patient care and satisfaction but also promoting general health and well-being through education and awareness.


Sheikh Khalifa Medical City consists of a 568 bed Acute Care Hospital, 14 Outpatient Specialty Clinics and a Blood Bank, all accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). Additionally, SKMC manages a 125 bed Behavioral Sciences Pavilion, six Family Medicine Clinics, two Urgent Care Centers and two Dental Centers located within the city of Abu Dhabi.


Sheikh Khalifa Medical City was created in 2005 as a result of the merger of all publicly held healthcare organizations in Abu Dhabi island. The merged entities were:


  • Abu Dhabi Central Hospital - built in the late 1960’s and the oldest hospital in Abu Dhabi, it served as a 200 bed hospital until it was scaled down in 2003 to an emergency center and an outpatient dialysis unit

  • Abu Dhabi Psychiatric Hospital - a 120 bed facility

  • Abu Dhabi Rehabilitation Center - an 88 bed facility that was serving mainly as a nursing home for the elderly and people with special needs

  • Al Jazeera Hospital - built in the 1970’s, a 300 bed acute care medical facility which was open for expatriates who lived on Abu Dhabi island only

  • Preventive Medicine Clinic

  • Primary Healthcare Clinics - nine clinics dispersed across the island

  • Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center - commissioned in the year 2000, it is a 250 bed acute care medical facility which was open only for UAE nationals


The new healthcare conglomerate adopted the brand of the newest facility, “Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center”, and changed the name from Center to City, to reflect the true nature of the new organization. Following the merger, SKMC underwent a series of transformational events to strengthen the merger.


In 2007, SKMC came under the management of Cleveland Clinic, which is heralded as one of the top hospitals in the United States, according to U.S. News and World Report. The following year, SKMC received Joint Commission International Accreditation for its Main Hospital (Surgical and Medical Pavilions), Outpatient Specialty Clinics, Khalidiya Urgent Care Center and Abu Dhabi Blood Bank. Other SKMC facilities are aiming for JCI accreditation in the next few years.


In 2009, SKMC changed its logo to reflect the relationship between SKMC and Cleveland Clinic. Later that year, SKMC was awarded recognition as a Cycle III Chest Pain Center, the first outside the United States and only the 12th worldwide

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