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Fire Safety & Engineering Vacancies

On behalf of our clients in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia & the UAE, we would like to invite  all qualified and experienced Engineering, Fire & Rescue and Safety personnel to apply for work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Kingdom of Bahrain's Armed Forces, Aviation, Medical, Military, Security & Special Forces, and in the Oil Gas & Petrochemical sector.

- Candidates must be familiar with N.F.P.A Codes and I.F.S.T.A Manuals, and possess the ability to read, write and speak English.


Environmental Health & Safety Specialist - 5 years exp

Health & Safety Manager 8 yrs exp for Bahrain only

Health & Safety Manager 4 yrs exp Saudi National Only

Health & Safety Advisor 10 yrs exp Bahrain only

For all Safety Security & Engineering Vacancies


only please

Health & Safety Vacancies

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist


Fire & Rescue - only recognised qualifications will be considered

- Safety Officer I 

- Safety Officer II

- Senior Crew Chief

- Fire Prevention Officer

- Fire Training Officer


Ambulance Services 

- Drivers KSA & UAE 20 positions available

- Supervisor (Paramedic or Driver) KSA & UAE

- Paramedic 4 yrs exp 48 positions available in KSA & UAE

Accident & Emergency - Paramedic (WQ) Saudi Arabia

Hospital Vacancies

Factory Manager - for Saudi National or Western National Only

Human Resources Manager - for Saudi National Only

Legal Counsel - for Saudi National Only

Finance Manager - for Saudi National Only

Mechanical Technician - for Saudi National Only


Mechanical Engineer 8 yrs exp

Assistant Mechanical Engr 5 yrs exp

Heavy Duty & Hydraulic Mechanic

Heavy Equipment Operator

Crane Operator for 50 & 80 tons

Crane Operators for 100 tons and above

Engineering Vacancies

Last Updated - Wednesday 1st March 2017

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