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"We offer our Candidates First Class opportunities

and our Clients First Class Candidates."

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How to Apply

Basic Requirements for Processing Applications.


In order to apply, you need an Up to-Date C.V.


What to do next 


The next step is to either:


      E-mail us your C.V (preferable)

      Fax your C.V

      Mail your C.V     or

      Contact us via telephone 


Once we have acknowledged your application, we will keep you updated on any progress or   other suitable positions.


Shamco International Recruitment will search for a suitable job opening for you in Saudi Arabia or other Gulf States (please specify on initial contact).


To complete the process, on success of an application, we require the following documents:


     1)   A copy of educational degrees/diploma.

     2)   A copy of current registration/license.

     3)   Copies of letters of references.

     4)   Four recent passport size pictures.

     5)   A copy of your passport.

     6)   A copy of memberships in any professional organisations or boards.

     7)   Any additional information that you think to be useful.


Visa Processing 


After final approval by the respective hospital, a visa must be stamped in your passport before your departure to your destination. We will co-ordinate and process your visa application with the relevant General Consulate.


Following is a list of documents needed for Visa applications.


     1) Completed Visa Form

     2) Medical Form

     3) Passport must be valid for at least 6 months

     4) Educational Certificates

     5) Letter of no objection (if you have previously lived in Saudi Arabia only)

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