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"We offer our Candidates First Class opportunities

and our Clients First Class Candidates."

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Locum Assignments

Working as a locum, doctors gain a wider variety in choice the from locations and conditions while concentrating on their professional growth. Work experience gained by locum doctors together with exciting professional challenges are a valuable as benefit to career development.


Locum positions provide flexibility and mobility together with very competitive pay rates, as a locum doctor you can perform your work in a truly professional environment that is most desirable to your needs.


We at Shamco will search our locum network of assignments and provide you with what meets your profile and preferences, as a locum you receive great advantages some of which are listed below:


  •  Short and long term positions provided

  •  Competitive Rates

  •  Professional team dedicated to your needs

  •  Nationwide coverage

  •  Weekly/Monthly payments

  •  Travelling expenses

  •  Accommodation in some cases if required

  •  Our service to you is free


If you think that locum work can suite your relocation plans or your simply looking for new challenging opportunities, contact us for locum jobs and receive a personal and professional service.   The service is offered to you free of charge, so please don't delay, register with us today via our website, or our contact E-mail

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