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"We offer our Candidates First Class opportunities

and our Clients First Class Candidates."

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1987 - 2012  Shamco International Recruitment Ltd

Shamco Engineering & Construction Division - Jobs in Heavy Process Industry, Steel & Cement Works. Construction Jobs in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

Shamco Clinical Nursing & Support Division - Jobs in Clinical engineering, Allied Health, Administration & Education in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Shamco Safety Security & Engineering Division - Jobs in Aviation and Oil & Gas locations in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar

Shamco Medical Division - Jobs in Saudi Arabia's most prestigious hospitals, from Private to Government, Military, Naval, Special Forces & Airbase locations in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Shamco Petrochemical Oil & Gas Division - Jobs in Onshore and Offshore Pipeline & Plant Construction, Marine Operations, Petroleum and Chemical plants across the GCC countries.

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